FREE PARKING: Parking is free on sidestreets all around the Warrensburg Corn Festival.  Parking can get crowded on E. Main Street and on the east side of the festival.  Consider coming into the festival on the west or southeast side for more parking options. Please be courtesy to our residents and do not block driveways or roadways. Thank you and we hope to see you there!
Parking Map

HANDICAP PARKING: Handicap parking is available in front of the Village Hall on E. Main St.

ATM: An ATM will be available onsite near the Village Hall on E. Main St.
Some Vendors accept credit cards, but not all. Cash is required for the Inflatables, Pepsi products and alcohol sales.

HOTEL: The Decatur Conference Center and Hotel is the official hotel for the Warrensburg Corn Festival.
Other hotel options may be found in nearby Forsyth.

INFLATABLES: $1/TICKET, $30/BRACELET (includes 5 Zipline Rides)




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